John McCready, BA, MSW, PhD

A Senior Consultant and Project Manager committed to the pursuit of excellence in the planning, development, research, evaluation and management of human service policies and programs. A proven record of success in team building, facilitation, consultation and project management at the Community, Regional, Provincial and National levels



HEALTHY HORIZONS CONSULTINGJohn McCready, Principal     1992 – Present

Consulting to Health Canada, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre and many other community-based service organizations, a wide variety of projects have been completed.

Selected accomplishments:

  • Served as the Program Committee Chair for the first two national conferences sponsored by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.
  • Developed a framework for the development of a comprehensive responsible gambling strategy and a coordinated problem gambling prevention proposal for supporting ethno-cultural communities.
  • Served as Co-investigator for two Participatory Action Research Gambling Projects: the first sponsored by the largest immigrant services agency in Canada, COSTI Immigrant Services, and the second by the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres and the Métis Nation of Ontario.
  • Played a central role in the consultation and development of an Ontario Health Promotion Framework, the Ontario Substance Abuse Strategy and the Rationalization of Addiction Treatment Services in Ontario Project.
  • Conducted a needs assessment of an information system, conducted a national survey of 750 communities (describing domains of a registry and information system), facilitated a national focus group (a validation process) and wrote several reports on the need and nature of an information system that is being developed as part of Canada’s Health Information System.
  • Served as a team member for the evaluation of four publicly funded addiction programs, including the General Review on the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP).
  • Conducted needs assessments, evaluated services, managed projects, developed strategic plans and served as an Expert Member of research and evaluation teams.


Assistant Director, Prevention and Health Promotion Research and Development 1990 – 1992

Reporting to the Director, Prevention and Health Promotion Research and Development, directed the operational, human and financial resource management of a $2.5 Million department, comprised of a highly educated, interdisciplinary staff complement of approximately 45 people.


  • Developed a Strategic Plan that completely realigned the research efforts and provided renewed emphasis on the development of practical applications.
  • Restructured the department to complement the Strategic Plan, creating a Matrix Management System of Goal Area Heads and Project Leaders.
  • Developed a computerized Project Management System, providing management for the first time with a system of documentation and a means of monitoring projects.
  • Spearheaded the development of alcohol and drug screening questions and service guidelines to be used in the assessment process following the Redirection of the Long Term Care System.
  • Conducted a province-wide Needs Assessment for health promotion addiction services.

Regional Director, Western Ontario Region   1981 – 1990

Reporting to the Director of Community Services, managed a $2.3 Million budget and a staff complement of 50+ located in 10 separate centres throughout southwestern Ontario. Responsibilities included supervising the Regional Management Committee members, comprised of 8 Centre Directors and 3 Regional Program Consultants.


  • Designed, tested and promoted a Campus Alcohol Policies and Education (CAPE) program for universities throughout Ontario
  • Developed and introduced a comprehensive and sophisticated, computerized Program Management Information System to track projects, activities and progress.
  • Established and managed a Demonstration Alcohol and Drug Assessment, Referral and Case Management service in Waterloo Region.
  • In conjunction with the district health councils, expanded and improved community-based Addiction Treatment Systems (Assessment, Referral, Case Management, Detoxification, Out-Patient Counselling, Day Treatment, and Short and Long Term Residential Care) by conducting Needs Assessments and developing Service Plans for 13 areas in southwestern Ontario.
  • Maintained program productivity with decreasing human and financial resources.
  • Developed a strong, amalgamated regional management team of 12 Senior Staff who had previously worked in isolation and different regions.

Centre Director, West Metro Centre   1972 – 1978

Reporting to the Regional Director, managed the West Metro Centre and its programs, consisting of a variety of outpatient counselling, education/training and community development projects and activities. The Centre’s budget grew and the complement expanded from 5 to 9 people. Responsibilities included planning and designing projects; budgeting for personnel and operational expenses; and contributing to the Regional Management Committee.


  • Developed and tested the original RlDE Program that has been adopted throughout Ontario.
  • Introduced research into the program components in order to determine the most effective approaches to education, outpatient counselling and employee assistance programs.

Community Consultant, North Metro Centre   1971 – 1972

Direct service responsibilities included outpatient counselling of individuals and families; education and training; as well as community development activities.


Community Consultant


Social Worker


  • Worked as an Associate to the Centre for Health Promotion at the University of Toronto.
  • Taught Applied Health and Social Science courses at York University, University of Toronto and George Brown College.
  • Chaired Program Audit and Review Committee that reviewed all new project proposals and audited ongoing projects throughout Ontario.
  • Chaired a Committee of Observers that evaluated a provincial Demonstration Addiction Treatment System; the report shaped the Addiction Services Policy of the Ministry of Health.
  • Contributed to an intensive operational review and the subsequent reorganization.
  • Selected to serve on an Advisory Committee for the Programs and Service Evaluation Research Department.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (1983) University of Toronto, Social Policy, Planning and Administration, Paid Study Leave, Health and Welfare Canada Fellowship
  • Master of Social Work (1971) University of Toronto, Community Organization and Development Professional Training Bursary, Ontario Ministry of Health
  • Bachelor of Arts (1968) Spring Arbor College, Social Science Major and Political Science Minor, Secondary School Teaching Certificate